Wednesday, August 29, 2012

This Is Your Knight in Shining Armor? (Final)

Trey Smith

In every dimension as president, Barack Obama has proven himself a loyal servant of the global ruling class — bankers, corporate CEOs and oil and gas industry executives, against the rest of humanity. And through his faux-populist rhetoric and crude-materialist presence (black Democrat) he has been able to promote ruling class interests more effectively than conspicuous aristocrats like Mitt Romney could hope to. More to the point, as a trained technocrat, Mr. Obama can avoid the overreach of crude ideologues like Paul Ryan by knowing exactly who his benefactors are. (Mr. Ryan would hit a brick wall thirty seconds into trying to cut the government programs that the ruling class feeds off of. Mr. Obama will stick to de-funding only those who lack social power).

Finally, my condolences to Mr. Obama’s supporters on the coming disappointments should he be re-elected. Sure Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan would be ‘worse.’ But should Mr. Romney win there would be less delusion around whose interests any president will serve. The ruling class declared war on the rest of us forty years ago. Mitt Romney clearly represents the ruling class. Mr. Obama does the same with less evident intent.

~ from Meet Barack Obama by Rob Urie ~
As I have stated before (and undoubtedly will state again before the election), the benefit to a Romney win would be that, at least, opposition to corporate greed and autocratic government power will raise its head again. While the 8 years of George Bush were bad for the country and the world, it wasn't near as bad as it could have been.


Because people protested. The masses made enough noise to make certain strategies (like privatizing social security) politically untenable. Bush had to pull back, lest it damage GOP candidates up for reelection.

Under the administration of Barack Obama, the majority of liberals and progressives have chosen to sit on the sidelines. This has allowed Obama to implement many of the things that Dubya only could dream about!

After reading this miniseries, if Barack Obama remains your knight in shining armor, then your hopes for the present and future of the US and world are far different than mine. When he is reelected -- I still don't think Romney has much of a chance -- you will have made [y]our beds and so you better be damned well prepared to lie in them!

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