Wednesday, August 22, 2012

This Is Your Knight in Shining Armor? (Part 4)

Trey Smith

Mr. Obama’s signature achievement while in office, his ‘health care reform,’ the ACA (Affordable Care Act), is a Republican plan developed by the right-wing Heritage Foundation and first passed in Massachusetts by Mitt Romney. The plan forces citizens to purchase a defective product from private insurance companies who profit by denying health care to people who need it. The program’s ‘insurance exchanges’ leave individuals to select among inadequate policies to buy protection against future maladies of which they have no foreknowledge. Recourse for health care denied is appeal to under funded, understaffed state insurance commissions that have long histories shielding insurance companies from having to pay legitimate claims. (emphasis mine)
~ from Meet Barack Obama by Rob Urie ~
This has been my main beef with "Obamacare" all along. Our health care system -- one with profit-hungry insurance corporations in the driver's seat -- is broken. It can't be fixed UNTIL we remove the profit motive from the equation.

Obama's grand strategy doesn't address this humongous elephant in the room. In fact, instead of removing the elephant, his plan feeds it!! Well, that's not exactly correct. He is not feeding the elephant, he's forcing you and I to feed it! And if we refuse to add to the beast's caloric intake, we get punished.

From my standpoint, it's crazy to call this an improvement over the status quo. While it's true that the elephant is eating a lot as it is, Obama's "great plan" super sizes each and every meal. Before we know it, the elephant will become so bloated it will hardly be able to move.

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