Monday, August 27, 2012

This Is Your Knight in Shining Armor? (Part 11)

Trey Smith

The environmental catastrophe of the British Petroleum gulf oil spill found Mr. Obama missing in action in the crucial early weeks, claiming that the government of the United States was impotent to contain the damage (or force BP to contain the damage) for several more weeks, and physically preventing reporters from reporting the damage caused by the spill in final weeks. Mr. Obama allowed British Petroleum to exponentially increase the environmental damage of the spill by illegally disposing of 1.84 million gallons of toxic waste (link) under the guise of ‘dispersing’ the spilt oil. As this was taking place Mr. Obama acted as a public relations advocate for British Petroleum and once the spill was ‘contained’ used government resources to cover up evidence of the crime.
~ from Meet Barack Obama by Rob Urie ~
The environment is one of those core issues that we are told represents a key ideological divide between Democrats and Republicans. The latter supposedly don't care about it, but the former want to protect it. President Obama certainly put this myth to be bed in the manner in which he "handled" the BP Oil Spill!

The way Obama protected BP, at the expense of the people and other life forms that depend on the Gulf of Mexico for their livelihoods, was very reminiscent of the way George Bush "handled" Hurricane Katrina. The big difference between the two was that the latter wasn't caused by an irresponsible corporation; both situations were made far worse by an indifferent government apparatus.

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