Friday, August 24, 2012

This Is Your Knight in Shining Armor? (Part 8)

Trey Smith

A short while later Mr. Obama ‘negotiated’ a mortgage settlement that gave the banks blanket retroactive immunity for illegally foreclosing on several million homeowners using fraudulent, forged and backdated documents in foreclosure proceedings. The deal, under which the banks paid a $25 billion ‘fine’ with other bailout funds, removed any pretense that the banks needed a legal right – past, present or future, to illicitly take homes from the citizenry at will. The hyped ‘investigation’ that was to follow into massive mortgage industry malfeasance is a poorly funded smokescreen with the twin goals of providing Mr. Obama with a faux-populist patina in an election year while preventing any real investigation from taking place.
~ from Meet Barack Obama by Rob Urie ~
When it comes to the elite, President Obama likes to say that we should "look forward, not backward." And so, Obama adamantly has refused to investigate ANY of the shenanigans of the Bush administration nor bring ANY meaningful charges against Wall Street for crashing the world economy nor hold the too-big-to-fail banks liable for the gross injustices of illegally foreclosing on millions of homeowners.

If Obama was consistent in this regard, we could at least give him that. Unfortunately, when it comes to non-elites -- like Bradley Manning or Julian Assange -- Obama has done an immediate about-face. Instead of looking forward, he demands that we look backwards!

If Bradley Manning was a member of the elite, think how his "situation" would have been handled. Instead of having him arrested and thrown in solitary confinement for nearly one year, Obama would have said that changes needed to be made to insure that the release of classified documents never happened again, but Manning would have remained a free man. Obama then would have formed a commission that would issue a bunch of official sounding reports without genuinely changing much of anything!

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