Tuesday, August 28, 2012

This Is Your Knight in Shining Armor? (Part 12)

Trey Smith

Following this abrogation of duty Mr. Obama scammed gullible environmentalists by temporarily halting construction of the environmental end-times northern tar sands pipeline while moving forward with the southern pipeline. There is little rationale for continuing the southern pipeline unless the northern pipeline is to be built following the presidential election. The totality of this project will exponentially increase the greenhouse gases being put into the atmosphere at a time when global warming is unambiguously in evidence.
~ from Meet Barack Obama by Rob Urie ~
Urie is right. The southern pipeline would not be built unless the companies building it were guaranteed (wink, wink) that the northern section will be approved. Without such a guarantee, it wouldn't make a lick of business sense. It would represent far too big of gamble, one that literally would cost these companies billions of dollars in losses.

And this brings up the fact that Obama -- just like Bush before him -- has done nothing substantive to address climate change. The world is staring down the barrel of a gun and yet a Democratic Party administration sits on the sidelines twiddling its thumbs. Actually, that's being charitable as this administration has worked tirelessly to block any sort of world consensus needed to address global warming.

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