Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Best Laid Schemes of Mice and Men

Trey Smith

Just let me say, Argh!! We have been foiled again by the machinations of bureaucracy.

As I have shared with you before, we really, really attempted to be proactive with USDA about our home and worsening financial situation, but we were thwarted at every turn because we were not in default status yet. So, in order to discuss the various strategies available, I had to quit paying the mortgage. But this post isn't about that situation; it's about AmeriCorps.

Because of the way things played out -- Della being offered a position about 5 weeks before it began -- we wanted to get ahead of the curve for her next AmeriCorps assignment. The plan was to apply early for positions that open up this Fall. By applying early, we would stand a good chance of knowing where we would be moving to months in advance. This knowledge would aid us in a more methodical search for adequate housing.

But it looks like it is not to be. The reason? Della learned just yesterday that she cannot apply for a new position until she has completed this one! Since this position ends on July 15, it means we will only be afforded 5 or 6 weeks AT MOST -- probably less -- to try to find housing. So, instead of taking a slower and more methodical approach, we will have to scramble again.

My head hurts!

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