Saturday, December 22, 2007

Hum, Hum, Humming Along

I'm sitting in front of my TV earlier this week and one commercial catches my eye. The voice over tells us of heroic citizens risking their own necks to help others during "natural disasters", specifically Hurricane Katrina. Faded headlines of calamity fill the screen and then we view damaging winds and rising flood waters.

And who are these private citizens? Owners of Hummers!

The underlying message is crystal clear -- "Own a Hummer and you can drive through most any of the ever-increasing climatic events".

There's just one itsy bitsy problem with this faux altruistic theme: Hummers (and all other gas guzzling monstrosities) are helping to create climate change!

It's our John Wayne attitude of rugged individualism and our "Come hell or high water" mentality regarding our pollutant-spewing transportation culture that is leading us down the road toward planetary ruin. In reality, Hummers are NOT part of the solution; they're part of the problem!

It's a problem that won't get much play with any of the front running Republicratic presidential candidates. And this sad fact, more than any other, is why we each need to work hard this coming year to support a strong Green presidential ticket. We need to get this topic front and center on the national political radar screen.

If not, future generations will look back in time to lament the shortsightedness of the current generation -- the one that destroyed their chance for survival. Do we really want THAT as our legacy?