Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Cat's Me...Ow...Ow...OW!

I am NOT an early morning person! Never have been. These days 8 am is when I tend to roll out of bed.

This morning, however, I was up at five stinking twenty in the morning. Why? Because our new cat, Lou, needed to be taken 35 miles away to Montesano on the first leg of his trip to be neutered in Tacoma.

I was expecting a loud but otherwise peaceful trip. Boy, was I in for a big surprise!!!

You see, the carrier we had borrowed proved to be no match for our little kitty. He escaped from it in less than 5 miles into our trip. I got him back into the carrier and damn if he didn't get out again in short order. So, there I am hurtling down the highway with a frantic cat doing everything possible to insure we would wreck.

It took all of my sage wisdom to develop a strategy that got us safely from Point A to Point B. And I have the scratches and puncture wounds to show for it!!