Thursday, March 21, 2013

It Pays To Be a Pest!

Trey Smith

An old adage is that nobody likes a pest and yet, in today's modern world, being a pest is not necessarily such a bad thing! I believe this statement is particularly true when it comes to dealing with bureaucracy. Sadly, about the only you can be sure to get things done is to bug the heck out of people. They get so tired of dealing with you that they complete the task or project simply to get you out of their hair.

In this morning's post, I lamented the fact that there were some major discrepancies in Della's AmeriCorps service record. Since we don't want Della to get on anyone's bad side, I have taken the lead in trying to ascertain what the problems are and to get them rectified. I've spoken to officials via the phone and I have peppered one individual, in particular, with several emails. The last of these, sent out in the wee of this morning, outlined the problems themselves and the possible ways they were created.

This last email must have done the trick because, as of late morning, the problems were rectified all at once. The Exit Form has been removed from my wife's AmeriCorps home page, her end of service date has been changed to the correct date and her record has been unlocked which means that she can apply to programs for the Fall.

Had I not become such a pest, I am confident that the problems would have continued to fester.

This is one of those times when being OCD is a definite plus! ;-)

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