Friday, September 23, 2011

What I Believe

What I Believe
by Scott Bradley

In theory, I shouldn't believe anything. Since I have chosen a path of not-knowing, what is there that I could believe? Yet, when I ask myself what I believe, I find that I can make a long list.

I believe in Oneness. I'm not sure why, but this is the direction in which my heart turns, like a needle seeking North. I do not know that there is Oneness; it may be otherwise. So, belief in this case is more like an inclination, a chosen perspective, or a working paradigm. And it works. This is to say, the belief in Oneness provides a means to release into the Vastness. And that really feels good.

I believe that all is well. This follows from Oneness. Whatever unwellness we might experience in the world and in ourselves, it is ultimately part of the great unfolding expression of Oneness and is refolded into that Oneness. There are no heavens or hells, no good and bad karma, no merit and demerit, nothing to lose or gain. This also feels good.

I believe in happiness. This, it would seem, is the one value by which I judge every other. Since all is well, what is left but to fully enjoy this life experience? This is especially recommended since it is the natural inclination of my heart. Life, in the human case, wants to enjoy itself.

I believe in myself. By this I mean I can entrust myself to the promptings which up-well within myself. Despite all the egoic unwellness, there is the sense in which this heart is pure. And when left to spontaneously arise, wellness and happiness ensue. A desire for the happiness and wellness of others is part of that happiness.

I believe in trustful surrender. Entrusting myself to the wellness of Oneness and its expression as myself, I can surrender into the flow of Reality without fear, letting it take me were it will.

I believe that, ultimately, it makes no difference what I believe. Apart from temporal benefits (happiness), there are no cosmic consequences, for me or the universe, ensuing from what I believe or disbelieve. This is a happy corollary to belief in Oneness and all-is-wellness.

All of these beliefs, though expressed in words and presented as concepts, are ontically rooted in this personal experience of being human. And I believe and trust in this. How or why would I do otherwise? The life experience need not be mitigated by cognitive belief or external commandments; let it flow.

Thus, these ‘beliefs’ have nothing to do with knowing or truth, but are merely an affirmation of the experience of life.

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