Wednesday, July 20, 2011


by Scott Bradley

Thank you for being there and reading this. Although few of you comment, Trey assures me that there are many out there in cyberland who read this blog. Though it may be that you sometimes skip my posts like Dick Tracy in favor of The Wizard of Id in the morning funnies (because it's not funny), still you are there and I have this excuse to write. Thank you.

There may be a sense in which I write for you, but mostly I write for myself. I would like to think that what I write here sometimes entertains you. Sometimes makes you think. Sometimes even teaches you. And, yes, god-forgive-me-for-my-hubris, even inspires you. If nothing else, I hope I have shown you the power and beauty of an incomplete sentence.

But, as I said, I write mostly for myself. This is how I clarify my thinking and push the envelope of my understanding and experience of life. Yes, writing can be a way of experiencing life; when I write of transcendence, I transcend.

There is always the 'dark side', of course. In writing for myself, or for you, I get to work on my fractured self-image. Do they think me wise? Smart? Gifted? Funny? Am I going to be a guru when I grow up? Am I becoming Someone Spiritual? (Please do not answer these questions! I've already told you I have a poor self-image!) But the whole point of mentioning the 'dark side' is to shine a light upon it, which, if it doesn't dispel the darkness altogether, at least holds it at bay so I can try and stay somewhat honest.

When Sartre wrote his autobiography he entitled it Words. He realized that his life was very much about words, because it was through them that he understood and shared himself. In that understanding he was also very much aware that words were not reality — something that we must actually do, live. Somewhere else toward the end of his life he said or wrote that what had really interested him most in life was women. Honesty. Yet, words matter, too.

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  1. I dont' comment very often but I read everything you and Trey post on this blog. You both have such interesting ideas! :)

  2. First time poster, long time reader. Keep up the great work guys!


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