Monday, February 28, 2011

Beware the Smile of Eli

Beware the Smile of Eli
by Scott Bradley

Beware the Smile of Eli!
It lurks everywhere,
But mostly within,
Where it vies for our lips,
Upon the world to beam
And warm us within.

Beware the Smile of Eli!
We know it without;
It makes our hearts cringe!
Yet dwelling within it fills us with pride,
How vast is our wisdom,
Our insights so deep!
A sage among sages,
One of the wise.
Do they not praise us,
Bid us enter their fold?

What is this smile so foul yet so fair?
Why spirituality itself,
Did you not know?
Wisdom and insight,
Care and concern,
All in the grasp of a heart self-involved.

Spirituality itself,
Our most holy grail!
How it betrays us,
Or it we betray.

How can we know it
This smile so false?
That we know at all is answer enough.
It is spirituality self-aware,
Wisdom wise to itself,
Care convinced of its care.
Hard-won insight brims;
We have so much to share!

How great is our nurturing,
Our intentions so pure,
To be a sage of true standing,
A sage among sages,
Known to ourselves
And others as well.

Beware the Smile of Eli!
It lurks everywhere.
But mostly within.

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  1. Can you give a simple explanation of what you are trying to say?


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