Thursday, July 22, 2010

Can You See Me Now?

For the past several days I've been dealing with an "ear situation." Not pain, mind you, but a lot of pressure and muffled hearing. I decided to go see the family doctor to head off potential complications down the road. Just as I thought, the problem is an inflamed zit (pimple) in the ear canal right in front of the eardrum.

Aside from a prescription of oral penicillin to guard against a nasty infection, my doctor also prescribed ear drops. The reason I'm sharing this information is because of those drops. You see, the drops my doctor chose generally are not prescribed for ears. They are eye drops. It turns out that these eye drops also can do double duty as ear drops, though the little readout that came with the prescription SOLELY includes a description of how they should be administered for the eyes.

My wife -- a woman with a keen sense of humor -- has spent a good portion of the last 30 minutes walking up to my right side just beyond my peripheral vision. Mimicking the voice of the Test Man for Verizon Wireless, she asks, "Can you see me now?" She then moves a little farther to the back and says, "Can you see me NOW?"

I'm going to have to put up with this little joke for the next 10 days!

Not to be outdone, I told her I would call the doctor tomorrow to report that, while my right ear is still clogged, I do have 20/20 vision out of it! :-D

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