Friday, July 23, 2010

Who Are You?

If truth be known, I don't think any of us can answer the simple question: Who Are You? We can provide some unimportant information like our name, occupation, where we live, our family and how we and others view us, but we can't truly define who we are.

The problem we face is that the core of who we are as sentient beings cannot adequately be put into words. We can describe aspects of ourselves, but that only represents the top layer or two. If we dig down a bit deeper, we move beyond the point of conceptualization. We move to a place that is unknown and mysterious.

About the only time in our lives when we can touch the ever elusive inner self is through meditation and/or deep reflection. As our friend Chen Jen might say, the only way we can really know who we are is when we move past the boundaries of the thing we call ourselves and embrace the entirety of the cosmos.

In other words, to know thyself on the deepest of levels, we must first lose ourselves completely in the ether.

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