Sunday, January 29, 2017


The bad person is the resource of the good person.
~ from Verse 27 of the Tao Te Ching (Derek Lin translation) ~

We have a friend here in Ocean Shores who just cannot get out of his own way.  He is, as they say, his own worst enemy.  Anytime success is within his grasp, he finds a way to turn it into a catastrophe! Needless to say, his life is in constant upheaval and turmoil.

The man is a role model.  Not the kind one usually thinks of.  He models the ways NOT to live one's life.  And though I'm certain it is not his intent, he is a valuable teacher.

In many ways, he's a sweetheart of a guy.  He has a slew of positive attributes, but his negative ones often negate them.  He incessantly seeks the counsel of others, but rarely takes the advice proffered.  He is a lovable (albeit pathetic) fellow.

He is my resource!  I believe I am a better person because of his example.  It's not that I feel morally superior to him.  No, it is more that I see some of myself in him and this has motivated me to make some inner changes.

Hopefully, good changes, not bad ones.


  1. Another version of this is "Our enemies are our best teachers." Great story--perfect example.

  2. I'm not a Taoist exactly, but I follow some of its advice. It turns out the least likeable people are our teachers to not get ourselves in the same misfortunes. Wisdom is derived from trouble, your stuff stolen, and some beatings, but wisdom in the end is very prudent/judicious. Taoism is a tool for life, it makes work the wisest thing to do, yin movements is a very good way to go about a task.

  3. I knew a Taoist teacher in nyc...he sold hot dogs from a cart outside the WTC..for only a dollar he would make you one with everything

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