Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Smile (For Crying Out Loud)

Trey Smith

Yesterday, our apartment complex was assaulted -- yes, assaulted! -- by something far worse than locusts or the plague. We were assaulted by people carrying bibles!

I don't think they saw me as I was in my car getting ready to drive to the grocery store. I heard them talking strategy before marching themselves into the courtyard. One woman said to another woman and a fellow, "Remember, we are here to spread the Good News." All three nodded and, I think, said little prayers under their breaths.

What I find hysterically ironic is that not one of them wore a smile on their face. Each one looked as if she/he was off to get a proctological exam. How in the heck did any one of these three believe they could convince anyone of the so-called "Good News" when each one of them looked so dour?


  1. I haven't been around for some time -- hello. They are spiritual materialists. It tends to be painful, I see it in others -- very unnerving and fearful to externalize your spiritual beliefs and make them conditional on external things (or people) to be a certain way. It is like putting yourself in a headlock, or worse. At east, this is what I have seen with thumpers, bumpers, and jumpers of any kind of creed that externalizes spirituality. : - ) CM HOT STOVE

  2. I was approached in our city's downtown recently by someone offering me the typical religious tract. It was "good news," he said. Holding in my mind the ideas absorbed from my deep reading of many Taoist texts, I decined his offer and replied, "I've got all the good news I need, brother."

  3. Jesus reminds of a Taoist. :) The message is cool, some can be a little - overly enthusiastic. What's the big deal anyhow..Live and let live. Hey, better Bible thumping Christian than a cult of satin worshipers. Right?

    1. What is wrong with satin? Unless you prefer hemp. Organic silk. Cotton isn't bad.

  4. Really.. Who can smile when their task is to continuously remind everybody that the 'end of times' looms even closer? At the same time, try to convince others to attend meetings where you're just going to hear MOS? The 'door-knockers' (Jehovah Witnesses) probably have the truest understanding of the scriptures, whether anybody believes them to be real or not. Part of their message (as Ivan ^^^ said) is cool.. We'll all be better off in the end by attempting to lead our lives with the ideal of teaching others to make better persons of themselves.

  5. We had been contacted within our city's down-town lately through somebody providing me personally the normal spiritual system. It had been "good information, inch he or she stated. Keeping during my thoughts the actual suggestions soaked up through my personal heavy reading through of numerous Taoist text messaging, We decined their provide as well as responded, "I've obtained just about all what's promising I want, sibling. inch.

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  6. glad that this place is unmoderated. you go to a Christian website and they are sure to moderate the comments. silly christians

  7. that being said I think you should be more understanding than that if someone doesn't want to smile you cant force them or judge them for it. seriously ive had Christians tell me to smile before and I was like "why? whats the point of smiling at nothing?"

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