Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Pulling a Switcheroo

Trey Smith

When I spoke to Della by phone on Monday night, she was both alarmed and concerned. Our dog, Jaz, wasn't adapting well to being at the apartment in Ocean Shores. She missed her sister, Lily, and I think she missed the big goofy guy -- that's me (for those of you keeping score at home) -- as well. Not only was this typically energetic dog acting depressed and droopy, but it was something that she wasn't doing that really had Della worried.

And what was she not doing? Pooping and peeing!

When a lot of domesticated animals are placed in unfamiliar circumstances and settings, many have a tendency to poop and pee a lot, often in locations you would prefer them not to. I suppose it is their way of dealing with the stress and anxiety. In other cases, they simply may be marking their new territory.

Della had taken Jaz out to walk 5 times during the late afternoon and evening to do her "business." But Jaz wasn't cooperating. Jaz was so nervous about this new setting that she wouldn't move more than a foot or two away from Della. When we spoke again on Tuesday morning, Della reported that, after two morning walks, Jaz still hadn't relieved herself. Not even a smidge! And there was no evidence that Jaz had had an accident IN the apartment overnight.

By this point, Della was worried that poor Jaz's bladder must be ready to explode. After a brief discussion on this matter, we decided to pull a switcheroo. I would drive back to Ocean Shores with Lily and Lily would stay behind with Della and Jaz would come back to South Bend with me. (There were also some items Della really needed that I either forgot to purchase for her on Monday or we forgot to bring.)

So, for the third time in 4 days, I made the trip north to Ocean Shores. Because I am far more mobile than my wife, I was able to take Jaz on a longer walk and, during this walk, Jaz pooped AND peed. Lily wasn't very happy with the new arrangement as Della said she whimpered and barked for nearly 30 minutes after we left, but Lily is far more adaptable than Jaz, As Della pointed out, Jaz seems to be a bit autistic like me!

Once we arrived back home in South Bend, Jaz bounded out of the car. Here she can run around the block and in our fenced back yard unleashed. She immediately ran next door to see her canine friend, Cashew and loudly barked, "I'm back!" 

We will put off Jaz's adjustment to apartment living until the time that the big goofy guy has to experience the same adjustment as well.  Maybe things will go better when they both have to adjust at the same time.

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