Thursday, October 10, 2013

Can't Go Much Lower Than This

Trey Smith

A new survey out yesterday shows that the popularity of the US Congress is worse than abysmal. Of the people surveyed, only 5 percent give Congress a thumbs up for doing a good job!

Our representatives in Congress should be embarrassed. But guess what: They aren't. They don't care what the American people think of them. If they did care, they would quit playing the same silly games that they always seem to play. If they did care, not only would there not be a government shutdown now, but they wouldn't even threaten one.

In almost any other job, an approval rating that low would mean an immediate pink slip. Your boss would say, "Don't let the door hit your backside on the way out!" You would be escorted from the building and told not to even think of coming back.

And yet, for reasons I can't fathom, American voters keep giving these lunatics second, third and forth chances. People say they hate the gridlock in Washington, but then they turn around and vote to reelect the same people.

I have a novel idea for those of you who choose to vote in these rigged elections. When next November rolls around, cast your votes for candidates who are not the incumbents. Yes, that might mean that you would vote across your hallowed party lines, but so what? If you continue to vote for the same kind of people year after year, how is that going to change much of anything? Today's 5 percent approval rating will morph into tomorrow's 5 percent or less approval rating.

If we really are honest, the onus of blame doesn't fall on our representatives in Congress. No, it falls on you people who keep sending the same people back to do the same crummy job!

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