Saturday, September 28, 2013

There's Still a 5 Percent Chance They Are Wrong!

Trey Smith

When it comes to most things in life, 95 percent is considered to be almost a certainty. If the weather forecast calls for a 95 percent chance of precipitation, most people accept it as given and prepare accordingly. If a student scores 95 percent on a test, that student is almost certain to earn an A. Almost any team in any sport that won 95 percent of the time would have the best record.

It seems that the only time when 95 percent is considered far too low of a threshold is when it comes to global warming/climate change. Climate change deniers grab hold of the 5 percent of uncertainty and parade around with it like it means something vastly important. While many see a political candidate who garners 51 percent of the vote as achieving some sort of a mandate, somehow the 95 percent certainty that most of the climate change we are experiencing is human-caused represents no mandate at all!

Odd how it seems to work out that way.

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