Monday, September 2, 2013

Somebody Lacks a Sense of Humor

Trey Smith

On June 5, the Guardian posted the first of many documents, leaked by former contractor Edward Snowden, that detail NSA‘s spy practices. Two days later, [Dan] McCall put up a handful of T-shirts and bumper stickers for sale on the custom goods marketplace Zazzle, which distributes most of Liberty Maniacs’ goods. Each of those items had the NSA logo, plus a common joke as a slogan: “The only part of the government that actually listens.”

“Within an hour or two,” as McCall told the Daily Dot, Zazzle emailed him to say the shirt had been removed from the Zazzle site. (Zazzle didn’t respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment, nor did the NSA.)

Zazzle’s first email, which McCall forwarded to the Daily Dot, said in part:
Unfortunately, it appears that your product, The NSA, contains content that is in conflict with one or more of our acceptable content guidelines.

We will be removing this product from the Zazzle Marketplace shortly. …

Result: Not Approved

Policy Notes: Design contains an image or text that may infringe on intellectual property rights. We have been contacted by the intellectual property right holder and we will be removing your product from Zazzle’s Marketplace due to infringement claims.
~ from The Parody Shirt the NSA Doesn't Want You to Wear by Kevin Collier ~
Jeez! Somebody not only lacks a sense of humor, but obviously doesn't understand the concept of parody! I can tell you one thing. If I can work it into our budget, I want to buy either a shirt or a tote bag with this slogan on it. Heck, maybe both!

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  1. Funnily enough, Zazzle's explaination doesn't add up. As a work of the US government, the NSA's logo is in the public domain! It is not eligable for copyright infringement.


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