Saturday, September 7, 2013

Bit by Bit - Chapter 20, Part 21

Trey Smith

Yang Tzu, on his way to Sung, stopped for the night at an inn. The innkeeper had two concubines, one beautiful, the other ugly. But the ugly one was treated as a lady of rank, while the beautiful one was treated as a menial. When Yang Tzu asked the reason, a young boy of the inn replied, "The beautiful one is only too aware of her beauty, and so we don't think of her as beautiful. The ugly one is only too aware of her ugliness, and so we don't think of her as ugly."

Yang Tzu said, "Remember that, my students! If you act worthily but rid yourself of the awareness that you are acting worthily, then where can you go that you will not be loved?"

~ Burton Watson translation ~
Self-confidence is a good thing, but it is not without its dangers. It is important to have enough confidence in yourself to tackle all the twists and turns that this life has to offer. However, if your confidence becomes too pronounced, then it spills over the brim of the cup to become arrogance and pride.

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