Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Bump in the Road?

Trey Smith

On Thursday, I shared with you all that it looked like we finally had a place to land to before our house is foreclosed upon. We had been notified that our application to an apartment complex in Ocean Shores had been approved and the target date to sign the lease papers was this Friday, September 20.

Well, that was before we hit the bump in the road!

Della received a call from the apartment manager yesterday (I was taking a nap). He told her that he had just encountered an unexpected snag and it is not the kind of snag that someone would expect. When he went to enter my personal data in the company's computer system, he discovered that "I" was already there and that "I" live in Seatac!

Of course, I do not now nor have I ever lived in Seatac, WA. In fact, unless you count the two times I have driven up I-5 to Seattle (spanning 20+ years) and passed through the city limits solely on the interstate, I have never been to the Seattle suburb of Seatac. Regardless of these facts, there is someone who lives in Seatac in an apartment this company manages with my given name and my social security number is attached to that individual's computer record.

Della immediately phoned the apartment complex in which this other person lives. As it turns out, while we share the same name, their records show that our social security numbers are NOT the same. Consequently, one would think the problem is solved.

Not so fast. Even though it is obvious that someone in this company's central office has made a boo boo, they say that they must track down and verify that THEY have, in deed, made a mistake. And that, Della was told, will take time. So, I will be more than surprised if the September 20 date stands pat.

Life is about navigating the bumps in the road and we've been traveling on roads with quite a few bumps lately!

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