Saturday, August 31, 2013

Bit by Bit - Chapter 20, Part 14

Trey Smith

Another day Master Sang-hu likewise said, "When Shun was about to die, he carefully' instructed Yu in these words: `Mark what I say! In the case of the body, it is best to let it go along with things. In the case of the emotions, it is best to let them follow where they will. By going along with things, you avoid becoming separated from them. By letting the emotions follow as they will, you avoid fatigue. And when there is no separation or fatigue, then you need not seek any outward adornment or depend upon the body. And when you no longer seek outward adornment or depend upon the body, you have in fact ceased to depend upon any material thing.' ".
~ Burton Watson translation ~
We will go when we go. We can settle our affairs and make provisions for the surviving family -- if time and circumstance allows -- but when we cross the bar, we do so naked and alone.

While there is absolutely no way I can be sure, I'd like to think that surrendering to the Grand Mystery without a fight allows the energy that was once our own unique egoic life to merge seamlessly with energy of the cosmos.

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