Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Obama Cuts Big Business Some Slack...But NOT Their Workers

Trey Smith

The Obama administration announced on Tuesday that it would delay for a year, until 2015, the Affordable Care Act mandate that employers provide coverage for their workers or pay penalties, responding to business complaints and postponing the effective date beyond next year’s midterm elections.

...Under the 2010 law, employers of more than 50 full-time employees were required to provide them with health insurance starting next year or face fines. Numerous reports had suggested that some companies with payrolls at or just over that size were complaining that they would have to cut some jobs or switch some full-time workers to part-time employment.

The change does not affect other central provisions of the law, in particular those establishing health care marketplaces in the states — known as exchanges — where individual Americans without health insurance can shop from a menu of insurance policies. Under those provisions, subsidies are available for lower-income individuals who qualify.

However, without being able to confirm whether employers are offering insurance to their employees, it will be difficult for the exchanges to know who is entitled to subsidies to help pay for insurance. Enrollment in the exchanges is to begin Oct. 1, and they are to take effect on Jan. 1.
~ from Obama Administration to Delay Health Law Requirement Until 2015 by Jackie Calmes ~
I hope you understand the gravity of this change. If not, let me explain it to you.

You see, President Obama doesn't want Democrats to lose ground in the mid-term elections. Since the members of Big Business are the main contributors to political candidates, Obama doesn't want to tick them off. Ticking them off will mean that the spigot of political contributions for Democratic candidates will dry up and that money will be given instead to Republican candidates. We can't have that now!

But the Obama administration doesn't give a hoot about the white and blue collar people who work for the bigwigs. You folks will still be mandated to purchase health insurance. Some of you -- the really poorly paid ones -- will qualify for the subsidy. Unfortunately, those of you working who don't meet the definition of "poor" are on your own. Though your employer will be given a pass, you won't! You will be forced to spend even more money on health insurance costs and, if you resist, you will be socked with a monetary penalty.

Under the Obama administration, this is par for the course. Big Business whines and the government cuts them a sweet deal -- like agreeing not to prosecute them for rampant criminality and/or agreeing to allow them to cut costs, so they can pocket even more money. You, on the other hand, can whine all you want, but you're still getting stuck with the bill!

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