Sunday, July 7, 2013

Did the Jews Kill Jesus? (Revisited)

Scott Bradley
Original post date: May 18, 2011

I recently heard or read that the Catholic Church has finally decided that “the Jews” did not kill Jesus. This must have been met by a great sigh of relief throughout the Jewish world after all these years of being held guilty of killing God. My friend David David (aka D2) must be dancing a carefree jig to have this burden taken off his head.

But if 'the Jews' didn't kill him, who did? The answer is that some Jews did — or were at least instrumental in getting the job done. These were the Sanhedrin, the supreme religious authorities of the Jews, (sort of like the College of Cardinals, who've killed a few in their day, too).

Why did they do this? Firstly, because he was a total heretic. Before Abraham was, I AM. I and the Father are One. The Jewish people took their monotheism seriously.

Secondly, he was a threat to their power. They, the Sadducees (liberals) and Pharisees (conservatives), were in charge and they didn't need some upstart calling them out in the market.

Thirdly, and most importantly I think, he was a threat to the whole Jewish nation. One of the leaders stood and said, Look, this guy's got to die for the sake of us all. Christians take this as a statement regarding his “redemptive” work, but that was not his meaning. What he was saying was, if this young revolutionary, this self-proclaimed King of the Jews, is not stopped, the Romans are going to stomp us good. They stopped him, but some 40 years later another bunch of zealots were not stopped, and the Romans stomped them good. The Temple was razed and the Jewish people were scattered throughout the world. So maybe these guys didn't have horns after all.

Now, the question I want to ask is: Did “the Jews” kill Ishak Rabin?

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