Saturday, July 6, 2013

Dangers of the Dark

Trey Smith

My hero Glenn Greenwald has been coming under fire from so many directions lately. Several mainstream "journalists" have suggested that Greenwald should be arrested for conducting investigative journalism! Under this twisted line of reasoning, the mere fact that he has continued reporting on the revelations of Edward Snowden must mean that he has abetted the whistleblower in his "lawless activities".

The other chief criticism that is being laid at the feet of Greenwald is that, because he has been going on numerous talk and news programs, he is prostituting himself as the stand-in for the "illegal activities" of Snowden. Some have even claimed that, like Snowden, his gadfly appearances only proves that Greenwald is a narcissist too!

But as my dear wife so astutely noted, Greenwald is working fervently to keep the NSA illegal spying story in the news because this offers Edward Snowden the best protection possible. As long as the world focuses on this overall issue, it makes it next too impossible for the CIA or some other secretive branch of the US government to kidnap or outright assassinate the man most responsible for embarrassing the powers that be.

Once the spotlight fades and Snowden becomes old news, such efforts won't garner all that much attention. In fact, the world may not learn of it for several months or years because that sort of information will be classified. It only would be revealed at the point in which it advances a specific political agenda.

This is why I applaud Greenwald, the editors of The Guardian, David Sirota, This Can't Be Happening!, CounterPunch and The Young Turks among others. By continuing to report on this expanding story, they are keeping the world stage well lit. If the curtain of darkness is allowed to fall -- something the Obama administration and their lapdog media representatives strongly desire -- that is the time Edward Snowden and the public's right to know will face the greatest peril!

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