Monday, July 1, 2013

Dangerous, Yet Insignificant?

Trey Smith

The incoming US national security adviser has dismissed claims that the surveillance whistleblower Edward Snowden has weakened the president, Barack Obama, and damaged American foreign policy.

Susan Rice, the outgoing US ambassador to the United Nations, said it was too soon to judge whether there would be any long-term repercussions from the intelligence leaks by the former National Security Agency contractor, which were published by the Guardian.

Rice rejected suggestions that Snowden's disclosures had made Obama a lame duck, damaged his political base and hurt US foreign policy, saying: "I think that's bunk."

"I don't think the diplomatic consequences, at least as they are foreseeable now, are that significant," she added.
~ from Edward Snowden Has Not Weakened President, Says Susan Rice by Conal Urquhart ~
Here we go again. This is the same line of attack utilized after Bradley Manning gave scores of secret documents to WikiLeaks. On the one hand, the leaked documents were said to jeopardize lives, while on the other hand, we were told that the disclosures weren't really that big of a deal.

I wish the Obama administration could make up their minds!

If Edward Snowden's release of secret NSA information is not that significant, then why do they want his head on a platter? (Because it IS significant and they damn well know it!)

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