Monday, June 17, 2013

The Will of the People?

Trey Smith

The White House on Saturday called on Tehran to "heed the will of the Iranian people", after the moderate cleric Hassan Rouhani was elected as the country's new president.

In a statement, the Obama administration congratulated Iran's voters on having the "courage in making their voices heard" in the face of censorship and intimidation. It added that Washington remained open to engagement to reach a diplomatic solution to concerns over Tehran's nuclear program.
~ from White House Says Tehran Must 'Heed Will of People' on Rouhani Victory by Matt Williams ~
In today's episode of American Exceptionalism, we have the US President -- a man who rarely listens to "the will of the people" -- urging the newly-elected leader of another nation to do what American leaders typically don't do themselves.

Americans say no to war...and yet the old wars continue and new ones appear on the horizon.

Americans want living wage jobs...and yet neither the President nor Congress wants to focus on that issue at all.

Over and over again, polls show that a majority of Americans want universal healthcare...and yet even the public option -- a very watered down version of it -- was pulled from consideration.

Americans want clean air and water...and yet little is being done to clean up and protect either.

Americans want the national focus to switch from Wall Street to Main Street...and yet Wall Street continues to be the sole focus of the political elites.

More recently, Americans say that they don't want to be spied on by their own government...and yet President Obama defends almost every spying program conducted by his administration.

Instead of addressing the newly-elected Iranian president, maybe President Obama should utter those words again...while looking in the mirror!

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