Sunday, June 30, 2013

Just Now (Revisited)

Scott Bradley
Original post date: April 1, 2011

Why do we all seem to think that Reality is something other than the reality we are? Why do we believe that reality is not Reality?

Why do we believe we must become different than we are? Achieve something. Transform. Be saved.

Why do we forever divide the world?

I would suggest that it is intrinsic to our self-consciousness — to see ourselves we must in some way be other than ourselves. Self-awareness is, I believe, the mother of duality. That's our reality, the way we have evolved.

This self-awareness is a wonderful experience, but it does necessitate quite a bit of hunger and suffering, much as the size of the human head causes much pain for a woman in childbirth. We need not make value judgments about the way things are — they simply are.

Perhaps we have the potential to transcend duality and realize peace in Oneness. But are we ever really anything but this Oneness? Is a rock not a rock because it does not know it's a rock? Is there no One Reality because some realities do not realize that they are also Reality?

We are never other than what we seek — not just a potentiality, but in actuality. Nothing deviates from Reality, because nothing is not that Reality. It is always just now, just as we are.

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