Friday, June 14, 2013

A Salute to Our Brave Readers

Trey Smith

I just want to take a moment to salute the brave readers of this blog. You are brave if you are a regular reader or if you landed here one time for a few brief seconds. I spend a lot of time shining a spotlight on the creeping police state taking hold in this nation and world. By focusing on this overall topic, the authorities probably lump me in with other subversives. To be sure, I am very small fry, but in a police state, even inconsequential subversives are not well tolerated.

Whether or not you agree with or are sympathetic to my rantings and ramblings is really immaterial. You may drop by from time to time simply to see what inane things I have to say. It really doesn't matter WHY you drop by -- the NSA simply knows that you have. And since I am very clear in my opinion of the crap that's going on, I bet they simply will infer that you are like-minded.

By being a regular reader or an accidental visitor to The Rambling Taoists, some may deem you guilty by association. So, if you don't want to be found guilty by association, move away from this blog as quickly as you can.

Wait a minute, strike that. It's too late! The fact that you were even here one time has doomed you. Since you are already doomed, you might as well stick around to read some more. ;-D


  1. Ha, there is a lot of truth to this!

  2. Wondered how long it was going to take you to mention the obvious ;-P

    Belly rubs for the furries!

    -- Robin

  3. Fully aware of the potential consequences even before this latest whistleblowing I have made visiting your blog my regular Sunday morning routine.

    Zurich, Switzerland


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