Friday, May 3, 2013

Breaking Snewzzz

Trey Smith

After the dinner hour, my wife likes to watch the nighttime game shows Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy!. That's what she and I were doing Wednesday night when the local ABC affiliate decided to interrupt programing for Breaking News.  

Had there been a tragic terrorist attack or mass shooting?  No.  Viewers were treated to aerial shots of a peaceful May Day protest march through the streets of downtown Seattle.  After noting that the march was peaceful, the anchors informed viewers that there would be no more interruptions unless something significant changed

Not 10 minutes later, they broke into programming again to report that nothing much had changed!  The march was still peaceful.  They repeated these interruptions twice more and -- you guessed it! -- there was no significant difference between the first of these reports and the last one we saw.

Some time later, things did change, but we had turned off the TV by then.   I am sure the local network broke into regular programming to report clashes between the police and protesters.  I have no problem with that because that IS local news.  But the interruptions we experienced were pointless as the anchors didn't share anything that, at the time, was newsworthy.

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