Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Other Way Around

Trey Smith

Again and again, self-righteous critics have portrayed Social Security as the profligate monster borrowing from the Treasury and sucking the life out of federal government.

Guess what? It's the other way around. The federal government borrows from Social Security. The Treasury has been borrowing from the Social Security Trust Fund for 30 years, and the debt to Social Security beneficiaries now totals nearly $3 trillion. The day is approaching when that money will be needed for its original purpose: paying Social Security benefits to the working people who contributed to the fund.

That is the real crisis that makes the financial barons and their media collaborators so anxious to cut Social Security benefits. They would like to get out of repaying the debt — that is, giving the money back to the people who earned it. The only way to do this is cut the benefits — over and over again. Count on it. If the president and Congress succeed in this malicious scheme, they will come back again and again to cut more and more. (emphasis added)
~ from Will Voters Forgive Obama for Cutting Social Security? by William Greider ~
Both political parties have been duplicitous in this disinformation campaign. The leaders of both parties are hiding the fact that Greider outlines above. It is a typical Orwellian ploy -- turn reality on its head by calling up down and down up.

To compound the problem, the mainstream media plays along. This explains why so many average folks are so mixed up. This is the reason most people have the equation backwards.

A lot of hay has been made in the past two or three years about the wealthy elite shirking their responsibility to pay their fair share of taxes. While that indeed is a big issue, this one is far bigger. They are stealing OUR money only to turn around to blame us for the theft.

People, wake up!!

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