Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Man Is Insane

Trey Smith

As North Korea continues to issue threat after threat, the consensus opinion of US leaders and the mainstream media is that its leader Kim Jong-un is insane. Who in their right mind would threaten the greatest military power on earth?

That's the picture we're being fed and, by and large, most American are chowing down on it. If you read the comment section of many leading news organizations, a lot of Americans are of the opinion that we should simply blow North Korea off the map!

As soon as I started hearing about these threats, the first thing that came to my mind was: What are we doing behind the scenes to provoke this level of vitriol? Writing in CounterPunch, Gregory Elich tries to answer that question in the article, What’s Annoying the North Koreans? If you believe that America is nothing but an innocent victim in all of this, I'm guessing you might change your tune after reading Elich's well-researched piece.

This is not to suggest that I think Jong-un is completely sane, but we are provoking him to make his outlandish statements.

Why would we do this? Gotta keep the burners of perpetual war hot!

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  1. for sure this is being made to happen. and we must blow them off the map? those poor people are oppressed and innocent. if a single person there is killed it's like burning a garden because it has a weed.


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