Thursday, April 4, 2013

One Side

Trey Smith

There is a bit of furor in the college basketball world about a particular head coach and his abusive antics. (Rather belatedly, that coach was fired yesterday.) Writing about the incident, CBS Sports national columnist Gregg Doyle made this observation:
Bullying is an abuse of power, like domestic violence or sexual harassment. One side has all the power, which means the other side has none of it. When that imbalance of power occurs -- and it occurs every day, in workplaces and homes around the country -- the only thing between a safe and unsafe environment is the benevolence of the person in power.
This kind of dominance -- where a small minority controls just about everything -- is the goal of the corporate elite. When we view this issue from the perspective of college athletics, the family or the workplace, we call it what it is: bullying. So, when it comes to political power or economics, why don't we call it the same thing?

In essence, that is what Wall Street has become -- an abusive bully. And though I know many of you don't want to hear it, the Obama administration has become an abusive bully too. From time to time, these bullies will act benevolently, but their benevolence is utilized more to keep the masses subdued. A kind action here or there is nothing more than a form of manipulation. They don't want people in the streets.

How do you stop someone from being a bully? At some, you have to stand up to them. That is what it will take with the corporate elite and the Obama administration. The question is: Do the American people have that kind of resolve?

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