Monday, April 29, 2013

Bit by Bit - Chapter 13, Part 4

Trey Smith

Emptiness, stillness, limpidity, silence, inaction are the root of the ten thousand things. To understand them and face south is to become a ruler such as Yao was; to understand them and face north is to become a minister such as Shun was. To hold them in high station is the Virtue of emperors and kings, of the Son of Heaven; to hold them in lowly station is the way of the dark sage, the uncrowned king. Retire with them to a life of idle wandering and you will command first place among the recluses of the rivers and seas, the hills and forests. Come forward with them to succor the age and your success will be great, your name renowned, and the world will be united. In stillness you will be a sage, in action a king. Resting in inaction, you will be honored; of unwrought simplicity, your beauty will be such that no one in the world may vie with you.
~ Burton Watson translation ~
"Emptiness, stillness, limpidity, silence, inaction" are not the kinds of words we tend to value in this dog eat dog world. Can you imagine voting for a politician that used those words as his/her campaign slogan?

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