Friday, April 5, 2013

Bit by Bit - Chapter 12, Part 8

Trey Smith

The Yellow Emperor went wandering north of the Red Water, ascended the slopes of K'un-lun, and gazed south. When he got home, he discovered he had lost his Dark Pearl. He sent Knowledge to look for it, but Knowledge couldn't find it. He sent the keen-eyed Li Chu to look for it, but Li Chu couldn't find it. He sent Wrangling Debate to look for it, but Wrangling Debate couldn't find it. At last he tried employing Shapeless, and Shapeless found it.

The Yellow Emperor said, "How odd! - in the end it was Shapeless who was able to find it!"

~ Burton Watson translation ~
We have all been in the position in which a name or fact is on the tip of our tongue, but try as we might, we can't seem to spit it out. So, we try to force our mind to come up with the missing information. We wrack our brains and still nothing comes. In frustration, we throw up our hands.

A few moments or hours later, this missing tidbit finds its way to the surface. It is by not trying to force it to the surface that it finds its way on its own!

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