Sunday, March 3, 2013

You Never Know When Life Will "Swallow" You Up

Trey Smith

Life can be so fickle. One minute everything is typical and routine -- the next minute all hell breaks loose. We can make some of the dumbest decisions known to humankind, but nothing bad comes of it. Conversely, we can make a prudent and well thought out decision, only to find ourselves staring danger in the face.

On Thursday night, Jeff Bush did a very routine thing: He went to bed. Short of having an unexpected medical emergency, I bet Bush thought he would awaken bright and early the next morning. At some point in the late evening, it appears that he died when his bedroom was sucked into a giant sink hole. As of Saturday night, his body has not been found.

Jeff Bush lived in Florida, an area of the country in which sink holes are not unheard of. I am very confident that Bush did not climb into bed worrying that he might be sucked into a watery grave and yet that is what transpired. He did a very normal thing and it led to a very abnormal result.

This tragic event should serve as an object lesson for each of us. There is a randomness to life and death that we can't comprehend. Few of us are granted the opportunity to know when our number is up. So, it makes sense to embrace life while we have it because one day we won't.

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