Saturday, March 23, 2013

Digging Deep

Trey Smith

Matt Taibbi has an excellent column posted at Rolling Stone about the federal government's consistent over-the-top prosecution of whistleblowers and free information advocates. He believes that a day is coming when there will be a major showdown between the government and someone over so-called state secrets. As part of his analysis, he wrote,
These fervent, desperate prosecutions suggest that there's more awfulness under there, things that are worse, and there is a determination to not let us see what those things are. Most recently, we've seen that determination in the furor over Barack Obama's drone assassination program and the so-called "kill list" that is associated with it.
That's not the kind of thought most of us would like to entertain, but he most certainly is correct. When you consider the prosecutorial hysteria incurred over information that, in many cases, was already out there in the public, it is a strong indicator that there must be far worse secrets being hidden from public view. There must be secrets that would cause even the most fervent nationalist to cry out WTF is going on here?!

Like Taibbi, I believe eventually it will leak out. The question is: Will it occur far too late in the game to do much of anything about it?

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