Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Observe Together!

Scott Bradley

Kongzi and Zhouzi each decided to introduce himself to the other at the same time and met, quite by accident, half the way to the other. There they resorted to a nearby inn that they might test each other's wisdom at leisure.

“I have heard you are esteemed as a great reformer,” said Zhouzi.

“I have heard that you are esteemed as a great doer-of-nothing,” replied Kongzi.

“Thus are we as dissimilar as one side of a coin from the other,” said Zhouzi.

“And thus are we similar in being endangered by name,” said Kongzi.

“Indeed it is so,” said Zhouzi, “and thus have you accomplished too little in your doing, and I too much in my not-doing. Are we not essentially the same?”

“It is just as you say,” replied Kongzi. “Seen from the perspective of the coin, one cannot see the other; seen from the perspective of the Heavenly treasury, we are but an expression of one.”

“I am your obverse; you are my obverse; let us be obverse together!” exclaimed Zhouzi.

And so they laughed and became fast friends. But when their disciples heard of this, they were greatly displeased and quarreled about which way was the best.

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