Sunday, February 10, 2013

Freedom of the Press

Trey Smith

We are at it again. It seems that not a week goes by when our leaders don't invoke American Exceptionalism. If you haven't caught on, here is how it works: If the US does or does not do something, everything's a-okay. However, if another sovereign nation does or does not do something similar -- particular when this doing or not doing is something we happen to disagree with -- it is b-a-d as b-a-d can be.

Courtesy of Dave Lindorff, we learn of the latest example. Our leaders have decided to block Press TV (an English-language network owned by Iran) from being shown in our country.
But wait a minute! Aren't we always complaining when other countries, like the former Soviet Union, or Cuba, or North Korea, block our propaganda broadcasts, notably Radio Marti or Radio America? You bet we do. We consider that an example of limiting the free flow of information -- of denying the people of those countries access to outside information.

How does that square with what the US is doing in this case with PressTV?

It's exactly the same. Our government is not punishing Iran. It is punishing us, by shutting us out from getting Iran's side of the story.
You see, while it is vitally important for the citizens of the world to be exposed to viewpoints they may not be accustomed to, it turns out that this same right is not vitally important to Americans...or so say our leaders. No, we need to be spoon-fed only what they want us to know!

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