Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Electrodes and a Tube

Trey Smith

After listening to a description of my symptoms as well as my wife's assessment, my neurologist agrees that the episodes I infrequently encounter sure sound like psychomotor seizures. So, not surprisingly, I am going to undergo two tests to begin the process of trying to ascertain whether or not I may have epilepsy.

Next week I will return to the neurologist's office for an electroencephalography (EEG). It is a straightforward procedure. A bunch of electrodes will be attached to my predominantly bald head in order to record electrical activity in the vicinity of my scalp. I've had one of these before, though it was more than 10 years ago.

The procedure I will have the week following is a bit more anxiety-producing. Though it too is painless -- at least, the test itself -- I have had a great deal of trouble over the past year remaining perfectly still for an MRI. Because of the degeneration of discs in my lower back, I tend to develop back spasms when laying ON my back. To combat this situation, pill-avoidant me has been prescribed Valium in the hopes it basically will knock me out.

This gives me two things to fret about. Not only do I dislike MRIs because I'm very claustrophobic, but now I also get to worry about taking a sedative! I will have to work something out so that a friend can stay with me for, at least, an hour or two after I arrive back home. I certainly don't need a doped up me wandering around my house on my own. I am an accident waiting to happen normally. Imagine the klutz I could be while in a doped up state!!

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