Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Homo Sapiens: From Ascent to Extinction

Scott Bradley

Many ask what value could possibly accrue from the study of a devastated planet populated by creatures so long extinct as homo sapiens, as they called themselves in a language even then dead. I am in the fortunate position of deriving great pleasure from this pasttime while caring little for its wider value. However, I would offer this to you my fellows, that here were beings, primitive, yes, barbaric, yes, and willfully greedy beyond all measure, yes, yet sentient beings nonetheless. And now they are no more. And this, my fellow pilgrims, is not the exception, but the norm. Indeed, might we not admit it to be the rule?

So, what of it? So we too shall pass. But let us labor to meet a more worthy death than these, who squandered riches and joy beyond their appreciative means. And let us release ourselves from the burden of fear for our species, for as special as we know ourselves to be, we know, too, that each thing is special because all things are so.

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