Saturday, April 28, 2012

I Believe in God

Scott Bradley

I believe in God. What does this mean? Nothing really. God cannot be thought. God cannot be imagined. God cannot be experienced. Yet every thought, every thing imagined, every experience is God. The God in which I believe is all things, yet all things are as nothing in God.

This God of which I speak does not reveal Itself. It 'does' nothing. It has no purpose. No plan. No needs. No desires. No intentions.

This God is not Being. Or Not-Being. Or anything else mind might wish to posit.

God is manifest as all that is. Yet nothing can be said to be. God cannot be abstracted from anything. There is nothing that is not God. Yet God is not a predicate.

There is no fulcrum and lever that can move God. There is no seam by which to gain egress. The mind can find no purchase in God. Mind is God, but God is not Mind.

I am God. You are God. The Universe is God. There is only God.

I am God. My extinction is God. Existence and extinction are as nothing in God.

Is there solace here? It does not matter. Yet if solace is required, then I must find it here.

This is my nonsense. It is no better or worse than yours.

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