Thursday, January 5, 2012

Fleeing the World II

Scott Bradley

One who has truly fled the world realizes that the world cannot be so fled. There is no cave deep enough to escape oneself, and one's self, too, is the world. This then, is an excellent reason to flee the world, if only for a time.

There is the belief that any spirituality not formed in the context of societal emersion is suspect. And this is probably a valid point; one may not express anger if there is no one with whom to be angry. Yet the roots of anger are not in others, but in ourselves. And though the successful eradication of those roots can only be tested in the crucible of society, the work of eradication might best take place elsewhere. Yet, in the end, ‘elsewhere’ is never truly anywhere than in the world.

I have rambled quite a bit in these two posts, and perhaps it's time to come to some central point. Yet this appears to me more as an image than just more words. I see arms spread wide and a heart wide open. Follow the way that appears best for you. The meadow is vast. Let a thousand flowers bloom — each as an expression of its own unique nature.

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  1. As for the worlds you can or can not escape:

    [For me] the one you can not escape is the perfect one I mention in my own posts. The one you can escape (leaving you fully in the former) is the conceptual world rendered in language.

    I'd have no wish to ever be free of the former.


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