Sunday, December 25, 2011

Where Are the Prophets? Lo Ami

Scott Bradley

At the time of my writing it is the 'holiday season'. In this connection I recently heard a political commentator, a liberal, use his final few seconds of 'rant' to say, “What would Jesus do? He would declare the rights of the impoverished over those of the rich. He would cast the money-changers out of the temple."

Where are the prophets? I hear none.

One of the most powerful phrases in the Prophets (a companion to the Torah and the Writings in what Christians call the Old Testament) consists of two words: Lo ami. Not my people. This 'minor' prophet, I forget which one, declared to the Nation of Israel the word of God: You are not my people. You have oppressed the poor and the dispossessed. You are not my people.

Where is the prophet for the Jewish people of today? Yes, you are among the world's most philanthropic, but until you face up to the horrendous crime being committed against the Palestinian people, and your part in perpetuating it, lo ami. It is not the hostility of the Arab peoples that is your greatest enemy; it is Zionism. The militancy of "never again" can only precipitate more of the same. There are many secular Jews who know and proclaim this. But where is the rabbi? Where is he who believes in the God of Israel who stands up, and in the name of that God declares lo ami?

Where is the Christian conservative, the Bible-thumper, who takes to the pulpit and declares to the Church lo ami? You have sided with the oppressors. You have embraced the Empire and declared it a 'chosen people'. You have become chaplain to the Joint Chiefs, put God's seal of approval on the merchants of death. You care for the unborn, but not for the born. It began long ago with Constantine, the first Christian Roman Emperor; you abandoned God and kissed the ring of power. The Anabaptists broke free; why can't you? Is it that you fear the lions more than your God? Or is it because hate is so much easier than love?

Where is the Islamic scholar who stands up and declares a fatwa against all Islamic extremism and the despicable oppression of most all Islamic peoples by their own governments? Where is the mullah who declares Islamic culture morally bankrupt, who recognizes that righteousness is a great deal more than covering tits and ass, eschewing pig, and declaring that God is great? Lo ami. If God were great, he would disown you.

You are all morally bankrupt. To your shame, it is those who do not believe that carry the torch of righteousness. You have forsaken your God. Lo ami.

Merry Christmas. Happy Hanukah. Happy Eid (when next it comes).

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