Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Problem with Buddhism

Scott Bradley

I have lots of problems with Buddhism. And every one of them is my problem. For, whatever the objective problems which I might identify within Buddhism as a religious philosophy, it is my reaction to them that is the true problem.

I have problems with all manner of different view points, and again, every one of them is my problem. Why do I care what other people choose to believe or disbelieve? What's it have to do with me and my own path? Why do I feel the need to define myself in contrast to others?

There may be some very valid objective reasons for finding fault in other points of view, but these are only of secondary importance. The primary, and infinitely more important, question is why do I feel the need to find those faults and why does it bother me when I do?

The work is here in me, not out there.

When the problems I find in Buddhism are no longer a problem in me, then I can discuss them. But I wonder if I'd want to.

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  1. We all know that Donald Duck and Scooby Doo are made up characters and that any one believing in them is a bit of a fool.

    But! If everyone does not stop in their tracks right now! and take Barney Rubble as their one true savoir, then I'm going to cry in despair and start bombing.

  2. P.S. Maybe we all think that everyone else believes in crazy shit and so that stirs us to one day admit that we do too.

    We like to think our own version is more sane. But we don't and can't know that.

  3. And there are so many Buddhisms, like so many Christianities. And Taoisms, for that matter. (But only one Tao.)

  4. There are as many religions as their are people to believe in or otherwise interpret them; probably more. Whole constellations of beliefs, some of which are more similar, like two Catholics, some mostly similar, like a Catholic and a Baptist, and some very different, like a Baptist and a Soto Zen Buddhist.


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