Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hsin-Hsin Ming V: Finding the Root

Scott Bradley

"Deny the reality of things / and you miss their reality; / Assert the emptiness of things / and you miss their reality. / The more you talk and think about it, / the further you wander from the truth. . . . / To return to the root is to find the essence, / but to pursue appearances or 'enlightenment' is to miss the Source. / To awaken for even a moment / is to go beyond appearance and emptiness." (Clarke)

What need could there possibly be for lofty explications of the nature of Reality? "To return to the root is to find the essence." If there is 'enlightenment', it is no thing, so how would I pursue it? Just return to the root.

Were you a tree, where would you find your root? In a book about trees? From that lofty sequoia over there? Hey, buddy, have you seen my root? Yes, my disciple, I am your root; just give me your sap and all will be well. Or from that stunted cedar clinging to a rocky cliff? Yes, friend, I have it right here; only let me lean on you lest I fall into the void.

There is only one place to find your root. And it is only there that you will find the essence of who you are. This is your most essential self, yet is free of self; it is that part of you that is not a thing, but a mysterious arising in interface with Source.

Check it out. You needn't join a monastery, find a guru, or understand sunyata. It is utter mystery, but its presence in you is no mystery. It is always just right there, ready to hand. Forget the doctrines of all-or-nothing and once-and-for-all. Go ahead, see if you can "awaken for even a moment". Dabble. Get a glimpse. Enter there. Who knows, maybe you'll never come back.

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