Monday, November 28, 2011

Sleep Well, My Darling

Trey Smith

There are some requisites all humans need. Remove air from the everyday equation and we die. In the overall scheme of things, we can't last too long without water or food. And, where love is lacking (including self-love), a person will go crazy and, at the very least, the mind will die.

Another thing that must be added to this list is sleep. Of the various things we each need to stay healthy and vibrant, this is the one I struggle with the most.

For starters, I can't seem to find a happy medium! The last several years I bobble between insomnia and sleeping all the time. I go through periods in which my physical pain is so severe that sleep doesn't come easily or at all. Even when I am able to doze off, any slight shift in position causes me immediately to awaken and then, no matter what I do, I can't fall back asleep.

There are other times, usually during my Fibromyalgia flare-ups, when I am beset with extreme fatigue and I can sleep for 12, 14 or 16 hours or more per day. Unfortunately, no matter how much sleep I get, I awaken feeling just as worn out and lethargic as I felt before.

Then there are days like today. I woke up after about 6 1/2 hours of zzzz and felt completely out of sorts. I moved through the day as if in a fog. I took a nap mid-day, but the fog didn't lift. I realize that this could be the onset of another flare-up of fatigue, but I won't know for two or three days.

What I do know right now is that the world looks hazy and I feel like I'm backstroking through a bank of clouds.


  1. Not discounting you personal ills, I think this is naturally a time (the last waning days before the winter solstice) when it may be natural for us to want to sleep more.) Hibernate until Groundhog Day, then check it out and see if you want to sleep some more.

  2. I sleep more in the winter too. I start getting sleepy when the sun is down and twilight fades, and I still wake up when it's just starting to get light out. Stuck on sun-time, I guess.


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