Friday, November 25, 2011

Get Along Little Doggie

Get Along Little Doggie
by Scott Bradley

"Get along little doggie...won'tcha stay with the that dry grass 'til the end of the trail... the feed lot's awaitin''ll get as fat as can be...and then you'll be a-fattenin' me...Aeolee, aeolee, a-yippitie, yai!"

Cloppity, cloppity, clop. "Hey there Slim, how's them beeves been behavin'?"

"Well, Clint, they's been mindin' their feed pretty good, but looks like we done lost another few head."

"Boss won't like that none too much, Slim. Been losin' a-lot here lately."

"Yep. Seems there's a few's got a-mind of their own, Clint."

"Maybe so, Slim, but now they's out there a-wanderin' in the wilderness with them lions and bears."

"I reckon, Clint. But if'n I was them, I'd a-rather be watchin' for cougars than feedin' some 'slicker. Cow could do pretty good for hisself out there just a-makin’ his own trail.”

“Whoa there, pardner, don'tcha go a-talkin' that a-way — put ideas right into their heads. Best we just keep 'em a-movin' to the promised land."

"Sure enough, Clint. Say, whatcha gonna do when this here drive’s a-finished?”

"Well, Slim, I figures I'll get good an' drunk an’ buy me some luv. Well, guess I better git back now an’ jaw with the boss a spell." Cloppity, cloppity, clop.

"Get along little doggie....won’tcha stay with the herd....heck, sometimes I'm a-wondering if we ain't no different than you."

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