Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Your Sadness or Happiness Contribute to the World

Only Happy People Can Fix the World
by Ta-Wan

Only happy people can fix the world in any meaningful and enduring manner.

A serious caring or a passion motivated by disgust or any common motivation which sends a person forth on a mission to save the planet is less effective and even detrimental to the cause.

I feel that we can all relate to my point but for rigorous doubt brought about by peer training, a doubt so engrained that you're already arguing inside at the mere suggestion of an alternate view. 'The worlds problems are serious' you may say.

There does appear to be a many generation belief that life the world and the issues faced by us all are to be taken very seriously. Perhaps the daily news is a partial cause but perhaps it is feeding people just what they wish to consume.

When people are driven by anything other than happiness they will be able to bring about absolutely anything at all, except that is for happiness. The recording of bird song won't provide eggs.

A serious want and desire for change will certainly raise a person to act no doubt, they may kick start a whole movement. Never though will the result be the same as one brought about by a person who was happy from the core of their being.

'How is one supposed to be happy in a troubled world' a serious person would naturally ask as I raise this point, and fortunately the answer to that goes to clarifying my case.

A person who embodies and shines happiness has an incredible effect on those around them. If your child was very sick and in a place of recovery with many more sick children, would you hope the nurses were serious in making the children better or very happy in their roles even when things appeared bleak?

Smiles and pleasant surroundings are powerful aids to recovery. genuine smiles have powerful effects on others, warmth and happiness in one person can fill a room. You've experienced that and you've experienced too how a bad mood rubs off on others.

Let's again take a child's view. Would a child like a serious or a happy dentist, would they like to visit serious grandma or fun grandma. Would they like a stern man in a suit to organize their birthday party?

Do we want stern men in suits to organize our future?

A happy person has happy ideas and wishes to spread happiness, they spread happiness even to the sick and the needy. Someone who takes matters seriously will likely offer serious solutions and rather than replace your frown with a smile they'll advise you wear a hat to cover it.

So then are you thinking about the world as a terrible place with serious problems to be solved or are you happy with a happiness that will rub off on all you meet and a happiness that will make your every act more beneficial?

If you see the worlds problems as maters to be upset and serious about, I'd say you should steer clear of helping. Test this yourself take two similar acts in your life, live it out once with happiness and once with seriousness.

Seriousness is a man-made disease, terminal in nature.

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